Wednesday 22 September 2021
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Brighton Excelsior is the South Coast club for Cyclocross. We have loads of adult and youth riders participating in the London X League, which kicks off with our own amazing event at Stanmer Park.

"Props to Brighton Excel & VC Jubilee for today's CX at Stanmer. Great course, great marshalling and great tea and cakes! Thank you."

Our training sessions, run by a qualified British Cycling coach, are an intense blend of skills and interval training and non-members are welcome to attend for a small fee.

"They’re really good! All the coaches, and especially Ben, put so much time and effort into them and they have definitely helped me to progress as a rider...and there is a great atmosphere within the group."

"Skills, intense fitness sessions, bike handling and cornering practice, group riding and a good time to play on the CX bike without any cars to worry about. Ben is very good and clearly enjoys putting everyone through pain! A good mix of technical, fitness and endurance work."

There are many reasons to give cyclocross a try, it is a great way to keep your fitness through the long Winter months, it gets you out on those wet days where the road bike ride is too cold and wet and a MTB ride is too slow and muddy. There is something special about a group of like minded people lining up in the rain to race flat out for 45 mins and all having a laugh at the same time. The racing is as hard and fast as you want it to be, there are so many little races going on within the main race; when you do it on a regular basis you tend to be racing the same small group and soon get to know them. This gives you the impetus to try and beat them in the next event! So you keep getting better.

For more info about the sessions please click here


Sat Sep 25 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Youth Mountain Biking - AOAC
Sun Sep 26 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides
Sat Oct 02 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Youth Mountain Biking Stanmer Park
Sun Oct 03 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides
Sun Oct 03 @12:00 -
Hill Climb
Sat Oct 09 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Youth Mountain Biking - AOAC
Sun Oct 10 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides
Sat Oct 16 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Youth Mountain Biking - AOAC
Sun Oct 17 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides