Monday 16 July 2018
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We are always happy to (re-)recruit long-distance members. Here's a recent chat with Gary Johnston, now living in Northern Scotland:

Hi There 

I was a member of the club in the 80's, joining when I was 15 - and remember well attending club nights at a social club (I think along by Shoreham power station), taking part in 10 mile TT's from Falmer to Lewes and back [that's right; the A27 was the '10' course! - Bob] and the odd 25 TT and Sunday Club runs as well.

At that time on club nights from Shoreham I remember some winter runs along the seafront in dark grim conditions under instruction from Roy (pretty sure that was his first name) Whitehead - whose son Martin was at school with me in the year above. Coming from Woodingdean I would also ride through to the Preston Park track on a Saturday morning and try out on my road bike with the club specialists. I remember Martin Penfold [Martin is still one of our club members – Bob] there and also seeing him take part in a Criterium race with the 'Big Boys' British Pros around Brighton Pavilion circuit in the days of the Milk Race.

I have enjoyed reading the website and club history and thinking back to my days of saving pocket money and paper round wages to buy various accessories and clothing from the cycle shops you mention in a bid to make me go faster.

I was also at college with Nick Burley - who I think was a member of various clubs - but worked at M&J Cycles [the shop was in Beaconsfield Road, then later in Preston Road Brighton; it closed in the late 90's], and even helped him with a project building a recumbent cycle for our A level design exams. 

I now live in the Scottish Highlands just north of Inverness and have continued to cycle for fitness and fun - I still have my original Raleigh Rapide 531 tubing Campagnolo 980 equipped bike that I first bought and prompted me to joining your club some 30 years ago. 

Visiting Brighton a few weeks ago and passing Preston Park track reminded me of those times. A subsequent call to Rayment Cycles (my old regular shop ), in search of a Brighton Excelsior club shirt, where the staff kindly recommended the club site to order one. I am gutted I can't find my old original club 'wooley' shirt from the 80's; however I do still have a TI Raleigh and a Panasonic Raleigh team shirt from that era which I still endeavour to squeeze into every now and then.

[Gary has now joined the Club again as a 'Lives Away' member, and will sport his Brighton Excelsior colours in Inverness and points North!]

Kind Regards,




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