Thursday 4 June 2020
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Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club 

Photo opportunity: 10am, Sunday 15 July at the western end of Shoreham Tollbridge (near Ricardo’s) – walkers, cyclists and equestrians to protest with banners at closure of A27 crossing

Brighton & Hove Friends of the Earth (BHFOE) [1] along with Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club [2], Bricycles [3] and other groups and individuals are organising a rally to protest at the closure of the Sussex Pad crossing.  This is being proposed by the New Monks Farm / Ikea developers [4]. 

This crossing is the best, flat, high capacity, junction out into the National Park on quiet roads.  To show how popular the Sussex Pad crossing is, the groups recently organised a count at the junction and found nearly 900 cyclists, 125 walkers and 3 horse-riders using it [5].  Many of them were travelling in groups and would find the proposed diversions awkward, if not dangerous, to use.

Chris Todd of BHFOE said:

“The current Sussex Pad junction across the A27 is a direct, safe and convenient route for people accessing the South Downs National Park.  Its loss would be a major blow for people wanting to safely access the Sussex countryside.

“Unfortunately, the developer’s proposals don’t meet minimum design standards and will create conflict between walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.”

Bob Harber, chairman of Brighton Excelsior Cycle Club said:

“This crossing is important for riders near and far. While it could be improved, to lose it would be disastrous.  We’ve already shown how popular the crossing is from our count the other weekend.  Whether you are a cyclist, a walker or a horse-rider, the loss of this crossing will adversely affect you.  We would urge people to come along on at 10am on Sunday to express their concern.”


Notes to editors:

[1]   For more information on BHFOE see:

[2]   For more information on Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club see:

[3]   For more information on Bricycles see:

[4]   For BHFOE’s letters of objection and other information and objections see:

[5]   A count was undertaken by on 30th June/ 1st July 2018 and this showed;

  • 340 cyclists and 55 pedestrians used the crossing on Saturday (8am - 7pm),
  • 522 cyclists and 70 pedestrians used the crossing on Sunday (7.45am - 8pm),
  • The busiest hour for cycling over the weekend was 11.30am to 12.30pm on Sunday with 107 cyclists counted,
  • The counters noted that there were occasions where people crossed in large

groups (10 or more people walking or cycling),

  • 3 equestrians were counted on the Sunday morning.


Media Contacts: 


Chris Todd (BHFOE):  07889 302229


Bob Harber, Chair of Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club (based in Shoreham):  07979 836259


Becky Reynolds, Bricycles Campaigns Officer, Mobile: 07731 773847


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