Wednesday 19 December 2018
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Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club 

Brighton Excelsior and VC Jubilee's regular activities will be severely affected if the proposed Monks Farm development goes through. We urge you to take 10 minutes to object to the proposals, there are instructions below. For clarification, when our Saturday and Sunday rides set off from Shoreham we currently have a safe crossing to Coombes Lane so we can head north or climb The Downs behind Lancing College. With the new plans in place, our riders would have to ride about 1km on the dual-carriageway and negotiate a roundabout. We don't think this is an acceptable situation for our members or for any other cyclists in the area.
Please do this straight away as the window for objections closes on 29th September
How to Object:
To make a valid complaint you need to register; it's very quick, skip step 1 if you are already registered for some reason.
1. Register on this page
2. Go to this page and search for AWDM/0961/17
3. You will be invited to use your new log-in details to access the page for the application. Select "Comments" and follow the instructions on screen. Stance "Object" Reason for Comment "Highway Access..."
4. Here is a suggested comment which you can use or edit
"I object to the proposed closure of the crossing over the A27 at the Sussex Pad junction from the Old Shoreham Road to Coombes Road for cyclists and other non-car users. My child regularly uses this crossing when riding with VC Jubilee, which is one the of the South's most successful youth cycling clubs, based in Shoreham. If the existing crossing is removed, it must be replaced by a bridge or underpass providing a safe, direct crossing over the A27 from the Old Shoreham Road to Coombes Road for cyclists and others."
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Sat Dec 22 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Youth Mountain Biking - AOAC
Sun Dec 23 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides
Sat Dec 29 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Youth Mountain Biking - AOAC
Sun Dec 30 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides
Sat Jan 05 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Mountain Biking - Stanmer Park
Sat Jan 05 @10:00 - 12:00PM
Adult Mountain Biking Stanmer Park
Sun Jan 06 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides
Tue Jan 08 @18:30 - 08:00PM
Cyclocross Training
Sat Jan 12 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Youth Mountain Biking - AOAC
Sun Jan 13 @09:00 -
Sunday Road Rides
Tue Jan 15 @18:30 - 08:00PM
Cyclocross Training