Saturday 19 August 2017
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Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club 

Everyone is welcome to join our Sunday club runs, please see our rules and etiquette guide for further details. We offer friendly group riding through the Sussex countryside every week of the year. You'll find men, women, boys and girls riding with an age range of over 50 years. You don't need an amazing bike, you don't need to be an elite athlete and you don't need to be a member straight away so come along and give it a try.

Sunday Club run, all year round, meet at 8:50 for a 9.00 am start outside The Red Lion, Shoreham, BN43 5TE.

Club Run Sussex

Summer Evening Rides

In the summer months, from May through to September we also have social evening rides departing from the same location at 6:30pm on Thursdays. The pace of these rides tends to be quite brisk as they are most popular with the faster club members. It's a great bit of mid-week exercise so come along and give it try.

The Club Run

The club run is a great cycling tradition and the lifeblood of any club. Brighton Excelsior have been running them for 90 years and, unlike some other clubs, we won't leave you behind. Our Sunday rides are a chance to rack up some miles, get some inspiration, learn new skills from other riders and to generally put the world to rights. It's not a race.

We run different grades of ride using the well known European skiing classifications

Blue - Easy Pace, Monthly, 30-40miles, for people who haven't ridden in a group before. Learn more...

Red - Medium Pace, Weekly, 40-50 miles for intermediate riders and good leisure riders. Learn more...

Black - A faster Winter Training run continues until the new season -  prompt 8:30 start. Learn more...

Watch a couple of club rides on our video.

Club Ride Rules and Etiquette.

What to Bring

The main thing to bring is enthusiasm but to make your first ride the best possible for you and everyone else please make sure to bring:

  • A road bike that's in good working order - that includes your tyres, you would need to be a very good rider to keep up on a hybrid bike let alone a mountain bike;Cycling Shoreham
  • A spare inner tube, pump/CO2 cyclinder and tyre levers;
  • 1 or 2 water bottles with water, electrolyte or energy drinks;
  • Suitable cycling clothes - bib shorts or bib tights are a much better bet than cycling shorts;
  • A cycling helmet and glasses;
  • Extra food if you think you'll need it;
  • Gloves and waterproofs as necessary;
  • Please wear clip in pedals/shoes; wearing trainers is far less efficient and may also hurt your knees.

If you cycle to meet us please make sure you are easily visible to road users.

Sometimes we go further - check out the 2014

Shoreham London Brighton Night Ride. This is now an annual event.

Latest Announcements:

Look out for an announcement about the next Lanzarote trip...


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Mountain Biking - Stanmer Park
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BECC and VCJ CycloCross
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